This is a field of oats.  The part of the field on the right side of this photo received one application Bio-En Green Organic, the fertilizer produced by our digesters.  The part of the field on the left didn't.  It's an amazing crop response.

We offer a full-service nutrient management program for our fertilizer customers.  We are able to both deliver and directly apply nutrients at agronomic rates to your fields.

Organic waste gets processed in our digestion facilities.  As a result of that processing, we strip much of the carbon out of that waste, and turn it into green energy.  But most of the nutrients and organic matter that were in the original wastes are left behind, and come out the back of our facilities as a rich, commercial organic fertilizer.  The fertilizer we produce is licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  It is not a regulated waste material, and requires no special handling.

Composting facilities produce compost.  Recent history shows that when composting facilities are used to process source-separated curbside organics (SSO) as a feedstock, it can be almost impossible for them to meet prevailing regulatory standards for unrestricted compost quality.  Too often, there are too many small pieces of plastic, glass, and other contaminants still in the compost to meet those high standards. 

But we routinely test our fertilizer against those same standards, and have no difficulty meeting them, even though we don't need to when our market is always agricultural fertilizer.  Still, we do the testing anyway, because we want to be sure that our fertilizer is really clean.  We're able to achieve this because our pre-processing technology does an amazing job of removing all of those inorganic contaminants, before the waste even gets into our digesters.

In Canada, our fertilizer routinely meets the heavy metal, pathogen, and foreign matter standards for unrestricted use (as compost) found in the Federal BNQ standards, as well as the equivalent standards of every Canadian Province.  Easily.  It's an incredibly clean, pure product.  We aren't aware of any other technology vendor capable of matching what we have accomplished.

Marketing our fertilizer to the agricultural sector as a liquid material is a really effective and simple way to manage this material.  We generally don't recommend de-watering or composting the material (as some do), because this is costly and unnecessary.  But our proven ability to produce such a contaminant-free product means that if you do want to de-water and compost the product, you can be assured that it will meet the highest standards for unrestricted compost quality when you get there.

Fertilizer produced by our flagship Elmira facility has been specifically approved for use in certified organic farming, under Canadian Federal regulations.  Ours was the first digestate-based fertilizer to ever receive such an approval in Canada.  You can't get a better product quality endorsement than that.

It's no wonder that we've never had any difficulty at any of our facilities finding ready markets for all of the fertilizer that we can produce.  It's very difficult to find a composting facility that can say that.



Please contact our office directly for a copy of:

  • our Fertilizer Label, issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • our Certificate of Approval as a Crop Input for Certified Organic Farming, issued by the Centre for Systems Integration; or
  • our SDS document for our fertilizer