Key Partners



Agrinz Technologies

Agrinz Technologies is a global engineering and technology firm, headquartered in Austria.  Agrinz has played a leading role in the development of successful digestion facilities in Europe under a wide variety of circumstances.  Agrinz is the source of our technology and conceptual engineering.


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Carnes San Martin

Our first plant in Latin America was built for Carnes San Martin--one of the Region's leading beef processors, in Nandaime, Nicaragua.

The plant uses feedlot wastes, slaughterhouse wastes, and tannery wastes to produce 1 MW of electricity, as well as additional biogas for use in the Company's boilers.

Green Projects

Green Projects is a Nicaragua-based organization that specializes in consulting, development and commercialization of environmental projects, focusing on anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment systems.  Green Projects works throughout Central America and beyond.  Green Projects provides us with local marketing support, and financial and legal assessments for our projects in that part of the World.  For more information, please see:


Cornerstone Renewables

Bio-En Power is a founding member of Cornerstone Renewables--a co-operative for operators of waste digestion facilities.  Cornerstone's role is to source waste on behalf of its members, and to provide an easy portal for waste generators who want to use our facilities.

Cornerstone connects its members into a single, cohesive network, which directs customer waste streams to whichever facility can best receive them, at any given time.

All three of our Canadian facilities are part of the Cornerstone system.  With all of our facilities linked together into the network, each plant becomes part of the contingency system for all of the others. 

That's smarter organics management.


Schaumann BioEnergy

We’re willing to bet your digester is not performing at its best

At Bio-En Power, we routinely use micro-nutrient and other supplements in the operation of our digestion facilities.  We have learned that they are a cost-effective way to optimize the biological stability and to maximize the energy yield of our plants.  If you aren't getting full performance from your facility, you're not getting what you should from your investment.

Not too many nutrients, and not too few--the nutrient ratio is key to digester health and productivity.  If one nutrient is limiting, full yields cannot be achieved.  However, excess availability of nutrients can also have a toxic effect on the micro-organisms.

As the limits of optimum supply and toxic effect lie very close together for some elements, a precise analysis and dosage of the trace elements is of critical importance in the methane production process.

We have come to rely on the analytical services and products offered by Schaumann BioEnergy.  With their help, we can routinely produce best-in-class energy yield, day after day after day.

We have been so impressed by the results of their program that we have chosen to represent Schaumann in Canada and Central America, and are able to offer both analytical services and supply of Schaumann products directly to Canadian and Central American customers.

Here's our offer:  analytical services are offered at no obligation.  Why not give us a try?  For more information, contact Earl Brubacher, at

For more information on products and services, see